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“Shri Ram” 108 times

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You Can’t enter this temple without writing “Shri Ram” 108 times

Raam ka Nirala Dham : A unique temple dedicated to all the characters of Ramayan.  A unique Temple with a humble warning and instructions , anybody desirous of entering the temple should write RAAM NAAM 108 Times.

If you are the one with an uncanny habit of looking for something extraordinary then this Hanuman temple  located at Vaibhav Nagar, Kanadiya Road in sub urbs of Indore is a must visit. The temple is spread in an area of 105 Sq Meters and has a unique aura attached to it.


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The temple known as “Apne Raam Ka Nirala DHAM” is really unique in many sense. 

Anyone who wishes to enter the temple must write RAAM NAAM 108 Times in red ink and submit it on the holy feet of Lord Hanuman.

Another unique part of the temple is that every canopy and the entire infrastructure of the temple is stamped with RAAM NAAM. The moment you enter the temple a sense of serenity engulfs you and you can feel the peaceful vibrations of the temple acting on your mind. 

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The place is so peaceful that it radiates calmness which can be felt in moments after you enter the temple. The temple has idols of almost every character depicted in the holy RAMCHARITMANAS, 

It also has a towering idol of Lord Raavan, the founder of the temple is of the opinion that every character of holy RAMCHARITMANAS is worthy of regular prayers. RAVAN being a maha pundit and a devote Shaiv is also worth praying and a human can learn a lot about life from him. 

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There is no DAAN PATRA in the temple and the temple has a rule of not taking any offerings, nor any one is allowed to offer dhoop and diya in the temple. It is a very powerful energy center and everyone should pay a visit.


Please check out our photo feature of the temple , very soon we will be putting up a video feature of the same temple.

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