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The City of Dreams’ as everyone calls it.
The capital city of Maharshtra is a fun city to live in. It’s a mix of everything, the corporate world, Bollywood, night life in all the right proportions.
A little too crowded, because hey, who doesn’t wanna live in Mumbai after all?

Mumbai’s culture is a mixture of traditional festivals, food, music, and theatres. The city has a cosmopolitan and diverse lifestyle with a variety of food, entertainment, and night life.

Mumbai’s history as a major trading centre has led to a diverse range of cultures, religions, and cuisines coexisting in the city. This unique blend of cultures is due to the migration of people from all over India.
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The most common language spoken here is Marathi. But since the city has a diversity of religions, other languages like Sindhi, Punjabi, Gujarati etc, is also used. Hindi and English are also widely spoken.

Mumbai has a tropical climate, specifically a tropical wet and dry climate (Aw) under the Köppen climate classification, with seven months of dryness and peak of rains in July.

[154] The cooler season from December to February is followed by the summer season from March to June. The period from June to about the end of September constitutes the south-west monsoon season, and October and November form the post-monsoon season.[155]

Between June and September, the south west monsoon rains lash the city. Pre-monsoon showers are received in May. Occasionally, north-east monsoon showers occur in October and November. The maximum annual rainfall ever recorded was 3,452 mm (136 in) for 1954.[156] The highest rainfall recorded in a single day was 944 mm (37 in) on 26 July 2005.[157] The average total annual rainfall is 2,146.6 mm (85 in) for the Island City, and 2,457 mm (97 in) for the suburbs.[156]

The average annual temperature is 27.2 °C (81 °F), and the average annual precipitation is 2,167 mm (85 in). In the Island City, the average maximum temperature is 31.2 °C (88 °F), while the average minimum temperature is 23.7 °C (75 °F). In the suburbs, the daily mean maximum temperature range from 29.1 °C (84 °F) to 33.3 °C (92 °F), while the daily mean minimum temperature ranges from 16.3 °C (61 °F) to 26.2 °C (79 °F). 

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