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About Thrissur

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Temples &   Religious Places

1. Vadakkunnathan Temple
Address: Near Thekkinkadu Maidan, Kuruppam, Anchuvilakku, Thrissur, Kerala 680001

It is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva. Mural paintings depicting various episodes from Mahabharata can be seen inside the temple.

The shrines and the Kuttambalam display vignettes carved in wood. The temple, along with the mural paintings, has been declared as a National Monument by India under the AMASR Act.

2. Paramekkavu Bagavathi Temple
Address: Paramekkavu Devaswom Building, Round East, Thrissur, Kerala 680001
Phone: 0487 233 1273

Paramekkavu Bagavathi Temple is one of the largest Bagavathi temples in Kerala located in Thrissur City. Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple is one of the two rival groups participating in Thrissur Pooram, which is the biggest festival in South India and Kerala. The Paramekkavu temple devaswom have a school known as Paramekkavu Vidya Mandir at MLA road near Kutoor and one KG section near to the temple itself.

3. Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple
Address: Shoranur Rd, Patturaikkal, Thrissur, Kerala 680020
Phone: 0487 233 4354

Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple is a Hindu temple in the city of Thrissur in Kerala, India. The temple is one of the two rival groups participating in the Thrissur Pooram, which is the biggest local festival in Kerala. Bhagavad Gita chanting makes the temple alive. Every day the Devaswom gives free lunch to people.
The dress code is a must with no modern dresses allowed.

4. Poonkunnam Siva Temple
Address: Punkunnam Junction, Punkunnam, Thrissur, Kerala 680020

Punkunnam Shiva Temple, located in Punkunnam in Thrissur of Kerala. This temple is a classic example of the Kerala style of architecture.The main deity is Lord Shiva. Parvathy, Ganapathy,Sastha, Nagaraja and Partha Sarathi (Lord Krishna as Charioteer to Arjuna) are other sub deities.The Ganeshotsavam is celebrating in grand style. During Sabarimala season the pilgrims are given food free of cost.Near to it is the Poonkunnam Seetha Ramaswamy Temple

5. Ammathiruvadi Temple
Address: Urakam, Thrissur, Kerala 680562
Phone: 0487 234 4795

The famous temple situated there, is one amongst the major 108 Durga temples, popularly called as “Ammathiruvadi Temple”.
Urakam Ammathiruvadi Temple is an architectural marvel with its majestic Rajagopuram (ornamental gateways), Mathilkettu (compound walls), ootupura (feeding hall), nalambalam (building immediately surrounding the sanctum sanctorum), the double storied Shrikovil (sanctum sanctorum) and the serene atmosphere maintained at the inner temple.

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Cash Crops like coconut, rubber, tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom, areca nut, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon etc. and food crops paddy tapioca etc. gives the agricultural sector of Kerala a distinct flavour. The agro climatic conditions in Kerala suite the cultivation of a variety of seasonal and perennial crops.

Offices & Industries

Thrissur became a flourishing centre of internal trade in Kerala. Thrissur is one of the major manufacturing centres of plain gold and rolled gold jewellery in South India; up to 70% of Kerala’s jewellery is manufactured in Thrissur. There are around 3,000 gold ornaments manufacturing units in the city and 40,000-odd artisans and others work in these units.

The industry provides direct and indirect employment to 200,000 people in Thrissur.
The artisans based in these units, craft nearly 85 percent of one tonne gold which is used per day in Kerala. About 90 tonnes of gold was being used annually in Kerala for manufacturing of ornaments daily.

Modern retailing is a big business and revenue earner for the city. Jewellery and textile retailing occupies a major part of the retailing business in Thrissur. The city is considered as hub of jewellery and textile business in Kerala. Most of the jewellery groups have outlets in Thrissur and provide jobs to thousands of people. Kalyan Group, Jos Alukka & Sons, Joyalukkas and Josco Group have their bases in city.

InfoPark Thrissur, the fourth technology park in Kerala after Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi and Kozhikode is situated in Thrissur District. Tourism has also contributed heavily to the economy of Thrissur. Domestic tourists generally use the city as a hub to explore the highly promoted tourism industry of the state of Kerala. The city with its temples, old churches and its culture, is ranked first in the number of domestic tourists visiting Kerala.

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1. Nirmalamatha Central School
Address: Near Kizhakkumpattukara, East Fort, Thrissur, Kerala 680005
Phone: 0487 233 7904

2. Devamatha CMI Public School
Address: Thrissur – Shoranur Road, Vasanth Nagar, Thiruvambadi, Patturaikkal, Thrissur, Kerala 680020
Phone: 0487 232 1144

3. St. Thomas College Higher Secondary School
Address: St Thomas College Rd, Pallikkulam, Thrissur, Kerala 680001
Phone: 0487 242 0785

4. Sacred Heart Convent Girls HSS
Address: Bennette Rd, Chembukkav, Thrissur, Kerala 680001
Phone: 0487 329 1929

5. Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi School
Address: Sree Rama Krishan Ashram Lane, Punkunnam, Thrissur, Kerala 680002
Phone: 0487 238 0258

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1. Sree Kerala Varma College
Address: College Road, Madona Nagar, Kanattukara, Thrissur, Kerala 680011
Phone: 0487 238 0535

2. Kerala Veterinary College, Mannuthy
Address: Santosh Nagar, Mannuthy, Thrissur, Kerala 680651
Phone: 0487 237 0451

3. St. Thomas College
Address: Trichur-Palghat Road, Thrissur, Kerala 680001
Phone: 0487 242 0435

4. Government Engineering College, Thrissur
Address: Ramavarmapuram Engineering College P O, Thrissur

5. St. Mary’s College, Thrissur
Address: St Marys College Rd, Chembukkav, Thrissur, Kerala 680020
Phone: 0487 233 3485

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1. The Aanayoottu (feeding of elephants) is a festival held in the precincts of the Vadakkunnathan temple in City of Thrissur, in Kerala. The festival falls on the first day of the month of Karkkidakam (timed against the Malayalam calendar), which coincides with the month of July.

It involves a number of unadorned elephants being positioned amid a multitude of people for being worshipped and fed. A large number of people throng the temple to feed the elephants.

2. Onam

The weeklong celebration comes to an end with a massive cultural procession from Kowdiar palace to East Fort. Around 100 floats participate every year along with beautifully caparisoned elephants and traditional art forms. It’s one thing you don’t want to miss.

3. Arattupuzha Pooram is a popular temple festival of India. The annual festival at Arattupuzha is also termed as the mother of all pooram festivals in Kerala, due to its sheer magnitude and grandeur. Visitors from nearby and far off places reach the village of Arattupuzha during the festival days, to be part of this grand festival. The pinnacle of excitement and devotion during the seven-day festival is the last two days.

4. Machad Mamangam also known as Machad Kuthira Vela or Thiruvanikkavu Kuthira vela is a temple festival celebrated at Thiruvanikkavu temple near Wadakkancherry in Thrissur District. The festival is organised by five desams (Villages) in a competitive way. Karumatra, Viruppakka, Mangalam, Parlikadu and Manalithara are the 5 main participants of the festival. Thekkumkara, Punnamparambu, and Panangattukara are desams who take initiative in conducting pooram once in every three years.

5. Pulikkali is a recreational folk art from the state of Kerala. It is performed by trained artists to entertain people on the occasion of Onam, an annual harvest festival, celebrated mainly in the Indian state of Kerala. On the fourth day of Onam celebrations (Nalaam Onam), performers painted like tigers and hunters in bright yellow, red, and black dance to the beats of instruments like Udukku and Thakil. Literal meaning of Pulikkali is the ‘play of the tigers’ hence the performance revolve around the theme of tiger hunting.

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Places Around

1. Shakthan Thampuran Palace
Shakthan Thampuran Palace is situated in City of Thrissur. It is named as Vadakkekara Palace, was reconstructed in Kerala-Dutch style in 1795 by Ramavarma

Thampuran of the erstwhile Princely State of Cochin, well as Sakthan Thampuran (Greatest ruler of the Cochin dynasty) is preserved by Archaeological Department. The palace was converted into a museum in 2005 by State.

2. Thrissur Zoo
The zoo includes a Zoological Garden, Botanical Garden, Art Museum, and Natural History Museum in its compound.
It is one of the oldest zoos in the country, and is home to the wide variety of animals, reptiles, and birds. The zoo compound includes a natural history museum and an art museum that showcase the socio-cultural heritage of the region.

3. Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours
Our Lady of Dolours Basilica alias Puthanpally is a minor basilica of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church in Thrissur City. The third tallest church in Asia, it is famous for its Gothic style architecture. Built in fine Indo-Gothic style with an area of 25,000 square feet (2,300 m2), it has soaring belfries at the entrance, double storeyed aisles all along the nave and transepts, and eleven altars, five on either side of the main one. It is the largest church in India and its exuberant interior decorations include fine specimens of murals, images of saints and scenes from the scriptures.

4. Archaeological Museum
The archaeological museum was started as Sree Mulam Chithrasala (Picture Gallery) in 1938 under the auspices of the Government of Cochin. The gallery was started in the balcony of Thrissur Town Hall, Thrissur City. Later an archaeological gallery was attached to the Picture Gallery in 1948. In 1975, the Department of Archaeology purchased a building at Chembukavu in Thrissur City and the archaeological and Picture Gallery were shifted to the new building in 1975 and named it as Archaeological Museum, Thrissur.

5. Mural Art Museum
Mural Art Museum is the only museum dedicated to mural arts in Kerala. It is situated in Kollengode Palace in Thrissur. It was started as a part of Sree Mulam Chithrasala (Picture Gallery) in 1938. Afterwards it was an archaeological museum and in 2009 it was renovated and opened to the public.
The museum houses a gallery of murals from all over Kerala and preserves a rare treasure of Veera kallu, temple models, manuscripts written on palm leaves, life-size statues of eminent personalities, a megalith collection consisting of earthen pots, Nannangadi (urn burials) black and red wares, black wares russet coated wares, stone age tools, excavated materials from Indus Valley Civilisation and Harappa and Cheraman Parambu, Kodungallur.

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The Southern Railway Zone of the Indian Railways operates the main rail transport system in Thrissur. There are four railway stations in Thrissur city.

Thrissur Railway Station, one of the four A+ railway station in Kerala provides trains to three directions and lies on the busy Shoranur-Cochin Harbour section. It has a satellite station, Punkunnam railway station and two minor stations, Ollur Railway Station and Mulankunnathukavu Railway Station. Thrissur Railway Station also connects to the temple town of Guruvayur by Thrissur-Guruvayur Section.
In addition, Southern Railways is running a suburban railway system connecting Thrissur to Kochi and Palakkad using Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit services (MEMU).


The city is served by Cochin International Airport (Nedumbassery), which is about 55 kilometres away. Direct domestic flights are available to major Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata. International flights to Middle East cities like Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Muscat, Sharjah, Jeddah, Riyadh, Doha and to Southeast Asian cities Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are available here.
It has a dedicated Heli-taxi service and Chartered flights. Calicut International Airport at Karipur, is 80 kilometers from the city and Coimbatore Airport, which is 114 kilometers from the city also can be used by travellers.

Major Roads

State-owned Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) runs inter-state, inter-district and city services. Thrissur has three bus stations, the Shaktan Thampuran Private Bus Stand, Thrissur in Sakthan Thampuran Nagar, Vadakke Stand (Northern Bus Stand) and the Thrissur KSRTC Bus Station near the Thrissur Railway Station. State Highway (SH 69) Thrissur-Kuttippuram Road, SH 22 Kodungallur – Shornur Road, SH 75 Thrissur – Kanjani – Vadanappally Road are the three state highways which connect city with its suburbs and municipalities.

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1. Thrissur is called the “Elephants capital of India”.
2. Thrissur is famous all over the world for its Pooram festival. Kerala Kala Mandalam, the Kerala Sahitya Academy and Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy are also located here.
3. Many rulers and dynasties such as the Zamorins of Kozhikode, Tipu Sultan of Mysore and Europeans including the Dutch and British have played an important role in the history of this region.

4. Raja Rama Varma popularly known as the Sakthan Thampuran was the architect of the present Thrissur town.
5. The name “Thrissur” is the abbreviated anglicized form of the Malayalam word “Thrissivaperur” which means the town of the “Sacred Siva”. The town is built on an elevated ground, at the apex of which is the famous “Vadakkumnathan” Temple with Shiva as its presiding deity.
6. The Thrissur today is the inheritor of the glorious tradition of art and culture. Many famous cultural institutions and organisations of the state are located in the district.
7. The town is also famous for its gold and jewellery business.

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Important Contacts Nos.

Police Control Room- 100
Fire Brigade- 101
Ambulance- 102

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