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About Nellore

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Temples & Religious Places

1. Subramanya Swamy Temple
Address: Grand Trunk Road, Journalists’ Colony, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524004
Phone: 072596 54178

Subramanya Swamy Temple, Chittamuru Mandal, near Naidupeta, Nellore.

This temple was built by the King Pandya Bhupathi during 630 A.D. Later renovated by Chola rules during 10th and 11th centuries. Interesting part of the construction is Vasantha Mandapam, which was built in the form of a chariot.

2. Sri Thalpagiri Ranganadha Swamy Temple
Address: 7/5/426, Yadava St, Ranganaykulapet, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524001
Phone: 0861 233 1156

It is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ranganatha a resting form of Lord Vishnu. This temple, also called Talpagiri Ranganathaswami temple or Ranganayakulu is one of the
oldest temples in Nellore. It is located on the banks of the Penna River.

3. Sri RajaRajeswari Ammavari Devasthanam
Address: Durgamitta, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh 524004
Phone: 094910 00735

Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess
Mother Sri Rajarajeswari. The temple is located in Dargamitta, Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh state. Sri Ratnaswamy Mudaliar is the founder of Sri Rajarajeswari temple.

4. Vengamamba temple
Address: weavers colony, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524002

This temple is famous in the surrounding area, and is dedicated to the Goddess Sri Vengamamba, a wish-satisfier goddess. The temple’s festival conducted each year in the months of June and July, called Sri Vengamamba Tirunala, is visited by more than 5 lakhs (500,000) Pilgrims from all over Andhra.

5. Sri Annapurna Sametha Kashivishwanatha Swamy Vari Devasthanamu
Address: 5/544r, Usman Saheb Pet Rd, Stonehouse Pet, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524002

This is a very beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Subramanyam and Lord Rama. It provides a peaceful environment to the devotees who come here to pray and seek the blessings of Lord.

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Rice is a major food crop and staple food of the State contributing about 77 per cent of the food grain production. Other important crops are jowar, bajra, maize, ragi, small millets, pulses, castor, tobacco, cotton and sugarcane.

Offices & Industries

12,000 acre Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is being set up in the vicinity of the port by the Krishnapatnam Infratech Private Limited, a special purpose vehicle set up by KPCL. The SEZ entails an investment of ₹6,000 crores and is expected to create 30,000 direct employments. The SEZ is being designed by Mahindra Engineering and is to be a multi-product SEZ.

MNCs like-
Krishnapatnam Port Company
Airtel etc are also working and providing employment to people from all over India.

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1. KKR Gowtham Concept School
Address: Central Avenue, Magunta Layout Behind Annamayya Circle, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524003
Phone: 0861 233 3883

2. Aruna’s Gomathy School
Address: Guduru BhaskaraRami Reddy Layout, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524003
Phone: 0861 231 9747

3. Ithaka International School
Address: Near Kanuparthipadu, Golagamudi Road, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524004
Phone: 040 2355 6616

4. Narayana Concept School
Address: VBR Campus, Haranathapuram, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524002
Phone: 0861 233 6626

5. Ratnam High School
Address: 16-11-37, Saibaba Rd, Mulapet, Harinathpuram, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524003
Phone: 092480 48090

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1. Vikrama Simhapuri University

Vikrama Simhapuri University is a public state university in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It was established in 2008 with six courses. Now, the university is offering 17 post-graduate courses in university college.

2. Narayana Engineering College
Address: Off NH-5, Muthukur Road, A.K. Nagar, Near Apollo Hospital, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524004
Phone: 0861 231 3843

3. Jagan’s Degree & PG College
Address: 16/158, 2nd Lane, Ramalingapuram, Near Magna Supermarket, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524003
Phone: 0861 232 2105

4. Jawahar Bharati College

Jawahar Bharati Degree College, established in 1951, is in the town of Kavali in Nellore district of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Jawahar Bharati draws students from towns in Nellore district.

5. Sri Venkateswara Junior College
Address: CIM High School Road, Mulapeta, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524001
Phone: 0861 233 2036

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1. Pongal
Pongal is celebrated every year to mark the beginning of Uttarayana, that is the movement of the sun towards north and to mark the time for harvest. It is a four day long festival celebrated with a lot of vigor and merry making in almost every household.

The meaning of the word Pongal is ‘Boiling Over’, as it celebrates the abundant crops in the field. Pongal marks the biggest festival in the calendar of the fairs and festivals in Andhra Pradesh.

2. Maha Shivratri
The festival of Maha Shivaratri is celebrated all over the country, and in different places and ways in different states. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, the Maha Shivaratri is celebrated at mainly Kalahasti, in Sri Kalahasteshwara Temple. It is also celebrated at Srisailam in the temple of Bharamarambha Malikarjunaswamy Temple. The Maha Shivaratri means ‘Night of the Shiva’ and it is believed to be the day when Lord Shiva married Parvati.

3. Ugadi
The Ugadi Festival in Andhra Pradesh is the New Year festival that is celebrated every year as Ugadi marks the beginning of the Hindi Lunar calendar. Ugadi marks a day of joy and happiness, aspirations and hope, the belief are that this day and its joys would foreshadow the course of events for the upcoming year.

4. Ram Navami
It is a spring Hindu festival that celebrates the birthday of god Rama. He is particularly important to the Vaishnavism tradition of Hinduism, as the seventh avatar of Vishnu. The festival is a part of the spring Navratri, and falls on the ninth day of the bright half (Shukla Paksha) in the Hindu calendar month of Chaitra. This typically occurs in the Gregorian months of March or April every year. Rama Navami is a relatively minor festival of Hinduism and not a national holiday, but an optional restricted holiday in India.
The day is marked by Rama Katha recitals, or reading of Rama stories. Ramayana and Mahabharat are considered Itihasa by Indian traditions. Some Vaishnava Hindus visit a temple, others pray within their home, and some participate in a bhajan or kirtan with music as a part of puja and aarti.

5. Makar Sankranti
Makar Sankranti is one of the few ancient Hindu festivals that has been observed according to solar cycles, while most festivals are set by the lunar cycle of the lunisolar Hindu calendar. Being a festival that celebrates the solar cycle, it almost always falls on the same Gregorian date every year (January 14), except in rare years when the date shifts by a day for that year, because of the complexity of earth-sun relative movement. The festivities associated with Makar Sankranti are known by various names such as Lohri by north Indian Hindus and Sikhs, Sukarat in central India, Bhogali Bihu by Assamese Hindus, and Pongal by Tamil and other south Indian Hindus.

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Places Around

1. Mypadu Beach
Good beach but has a reputation of whirlpools so be careful while playing or swimming in sea. A beach temple complex was developed recently, and a Haritha resort is present since past 4 yrs.

2. Nellapattu Sanctuary
Address: Ayyapalem, Andhra Pradesh

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh, India, near the village of Nelapattu. It has an area of 458.92 hectares. It is an important breeding site for spot-billed pelicans.

3. The annual festival of the temple is a major event at Penchalakona, and it is celebrated every year during Vaisakha, the period of time in the Hindu solar calendar that begins in mid-April in Bengal, Nepal, and Punjab. It starts on the day of Suddha Dwadasi and lasts until Bahula Padyami across a total of five days. Devotees from near and far congregate for Narasimhaswamy Jayanthi and celebrate the occasion with energy, vigour and devotion.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), known colloquially as the Hare Krishna movement or Hare Krishnas, is a Gaudiya Vaishnava Hindu religious organisation ISKCON was founded in 1966 in New York City by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada who is worshipped by followers as Guru and spiritual master. Its core beliefs are based on select traditional scriptures, particularly the Bhagavad-gītā and the Śrīmad Bhāgavatam. ISKCON is a direct descendant of Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya.

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Local transport in the city include, two, three and four wheelers. Of these, privately operated auto rickshaws accounts to around 6,000, dominating most part of the city for local commuting.

Nellore is classified as an A grade and Adarsh station in the Vijayawada railway division of South Central Railway zone. The city also has three small railway stations namely, Nellore South, Vedayapalem and Padugupadu railway station The Southern Railway operates MEMUs for commuting between Nellore and Chennai Central.


Nellore Airport is being planned to be built near Dagadarthi, 30 km North of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh, India. 1,390 acres sanctioned for greenfield airport by Andhra pradesh government. It is one of the 50 locations identified by the Central Government of India for the development of low-cost airports by the Airports Authority of India in order to improve connectivity to remote areas.

Major Roads

The city has a total road length of 1,189.95 km (739.40 mi). The proposed Outer Ring Road, existing arterial and internal roads helps reduce traffic congestion. The city is connected with major National highways such as, National Highway 16, a part of Asian Highway 45 and Golden Quadrilateral, bypasses the city.

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1. Nature is abundant in Nellore. Because of its proximity to the Bay of Bengal, it is blessed with many water bodies such as the Pulicat Lake and Penna River.

2. Nellore is home for not just one but two famous bird sanctuaries: Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary and Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary. While the former houses flamingos, the later is filled with pelicans.

3. This city underwent many kingdoms and was a witness to the decline of many said dynasties. It had been a part of Maurya Dynasty, Satavahanas, Kakatiyas, Pallavas, Cholas, Eastern Gangas of Kalinga Empire, Telugu Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagara Empire, and Arcot Nawabs. To rub all her historical prominence in your face, the city houses two beautiful forts: Udayagiri fort and Venkatagiri fort.

4. Ranganthaswami Temple located near the banks of Penna stands tall in all its architectural glory with a wind tower that is 70 feet long.
5. Siddala Kona, an important Jain Heritage site, is a Jain Temple located on a rock.
6. 10. Sri Potti Sreeramulu, a prominent freedom fighter, hailed from this city.
7. Tikkana Somayaji translated most of Mahabharata into Telugu and this great man lived in Nellore as well.
8. Satish Dhawan Space Center, now known as Sriharikota Launching Range, is located in the district of Nellore.

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Important Contacts Nos.

Police- 100
Fire- 101
Ambulance- 102
Ambulance service (Apollo Hospital)- 1066, 8331921066
Emergency related to Medical, Police & Fire 108

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