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Things to do when HIGH

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Wondering what to do after you’re hit by the perfect joint?
If you’re high right now, I know your mind can be a little clouded and you’re indecisive af. Do not worry, here’s a list of a few things that you can do.
1. Make art-

Summon the artist inside you, unleash it. Cannabis makes everything better and you’d be surprised by what you create after smoking it. For inspiration, check out paintings by other amateur artists or professional ones. You don’t have to be M.F Hussain. You can just doodle if you want.
2. Music therapy

Yes, I know it’s a basic suggestion but the best.
Explore your playlist, listen to the songs that you were ignoring from so long. You might start liking them. Select some trippy music to set the mood even better. A few of my favourites are- Grind Me Down: Lilianna Wilde, You & Me: Skrux, Fall Creek Boys Choir: James Blake & Bon Iver.
3. Jam

If you’re a musician then you probably know this one. Create your own tunes and you’d be amazed to hear the results. I don’t know why weed is so hated on, it makes you such a creative person. So, jam the night away, my friend.
4. Deep Conversations

No this doesn’t mean calling up your ex and crying. If you’re with a friend, then dig deep and tell them whtever has been on your mind lately. You might end up feeling lighter and much closer to them. Friends with whom you can sit and ponder the meaning of life and the mysteries of the universe. Friends that like to get really high and talk about God, and aliens, and how everything is energy, and all that jazz.
5. Take a Shower-

The heat, the steam, the feel of the water running over your skin… it’s delightful at anytime. But when you’re stoned, your nerve-endings are buzzing and your senses are sharpened, and the warmth and moisture of the water are intensified into a tidal-wave of relaxation and bliss.
6. Admire the nature

Take out some time and admire the beauty of Mother Nature.
Look at the stars and the sky, the moon or the sun. It makes you feel inspired and so grateful for the life that the great almighty has given you.
Sometimes, it also fills you with great optimism and maybe you see that ‘glass is half-full’ and not half-empty.
7. Write

If you’re an amateur writer or a pro or just a scribbler, it doesn’t matter at all. You just need to get inspired. Follow pointer no. 6 and maybe you do get inspired. Take out your anger, sorrow, guilt, happiness, everything on a paper.
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