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Things To Do When Alone

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Alone time is the best time, right? The best thing about spending some time alone is that no one judges you. You can do whatever the hell you want and you owe no explanations to anyone. Here, we have listed a few things that you would like to do when you're all by yourself.
1. Shave/Wax

Haha, I know it's a little weird that this is the first thing that crossed my mind but it's necessary pal! When you have the bathroom all to yourself without any time limitations this is the best thing one could do. This usually takes a lot of time but since you're alone, you can invest as much time as you want!
You can also take a hot bath for as long as you want, no hurry.
 2. Watch something you're ashamed of
Not porn, I meant something like Bigg Boss! No one will judge you. You can binge watch on Bigg Boss and can still have a clear conscience, LOL.
 3. Click yourself

Be your own cameraman. Take a thousand selfies if you want. Try any filter you want. Wear your favorite dress that you haven't worn in a while and do a photoshoot of your own. A little self-appreciation killed nobody!
 4. Sing

Some of us are not just blessed with a pair of melodious vocal cords, so we feel shy to sing in front of anyone but the mirror. I know exactly how you feel. So put that Taylor Swift song on and sing as much as you want, messing up the notes, and be your own diva!
5. Go Book-shopping

Go to the nearest store and admire the books, smell them too if you wish. It's best to go book-shopping on your own to reduce the risk of others rushing on you. Browse through all the aisles and do it until you feel satisfied!
6. Pamper Yourself

Do your own makeup, paint your nails, wing that eyeliner perfectly and admire yourself in the mirror. A little self-love is not too much to ask for, am I right?
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