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Things To Do On Sundays

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Sundays can seem to be long if you don't use them the right way. To some, sleeping it away is the number one choice, while the rest struggle with options(and I'm one of the latter). So let's look the list below that might save us on a rainy day!

1. Organise
Yes, I know it's the last thing you would wanna do on a weekend but it really is one of the most important things that one should be doing. It not only makes our lives easier but also provides peace of mind. Do a little cleaning of your room, arrange your bookshelf or your closet.
Your mom would definitely love you for doing this. Surprise her!
 2. Make a Romantic Dinner

What else can your loved one expect? This is a little old school but trust me it still works wonders(experience talking).
 If you cannot cook a decent meal(high-five) then order pizza or anything you want, light candles, put on some music and you're all set to have a great evening with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
3. Make A Scrapbook


If your pictures are lying around and you've been waiting for the day to organise them, then today is the day. Don't evade this anymore, buckle up and get on it.
Create your own scrapbook, unleash your creative side and keep your photographs safe as you know what they say,'precaution is better than cure'.
4. Movie Marathon
This is one of my personal favorites. Call up your best friends and tell them that you're hosting a movie marathon. Pick a movie of common taste that everyone would like to watch or classic movies like The Harry Potter series or Star Wars. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the day with people you love.
5. Make A Bucket List

You're never too old to make a bucket list. Most of us might not have started making one actually, but just have thoughts wandering in their heads about it. Today is the day when you pen down your bucket list. Start working towards it as soon as you make it.
6. Volunteer
Volunteer at a NGO for serving food or educating children. The joy you gain from this would be priceless and this is the best way to put some extra time to use. Listen to their stories, interact with them and find out the harsh realities of life. One could learn to appreciate their life more after doing this.
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