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Persuasion by Jane Austen

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This book revolves around the twenty-seven-year-old Anne Elliot who is wrestling with her feelings toward Captain Frederick Wentworth, her ex-lover. I despised the way Anne’s family treated her. Her sisters were nowhere close to being there for her. Mary was a covetous little bitch.
At the age of 19, Anne fell in love with Wentworth who did not have a remarkable fortune with him but was persuaded by Lady Russell, who was an intimate friend and a motherly figure to her to break it off with him. She acquiesced but lived with the regret of leaving him ever since.
Anne and her family face a financial crisis and to overcome that they decide to let the Kellynch hall to the Crofts and move to Bath. Mary is married to Charles Musgrove of Uppercross. Frederick Wentworth visits his sister(Sophia Croft) and meets the Uppercross family, including Anne.After a series of frequent meetings, Anne starts to get bothered by the closeness of Wentworth and Louisa but doesn’t reveal it at any point in time.
With an exciting turn of events, Wentworth finally comes to know of Anne’s feelings for him.
Now, I’m not going to disclose the climax here because some people might actually want to read it for themselves.
Anne has become my favorite protagonist after reading this book. She is a damsel in distress but doesn’t act like one. She holds her own. Given the fact that the novel was written in the early 1800s, Jane Austen has contributed enormously toward the empowerment of a female character in the world of fiction. her characters are strong, bold and exemplary. You just want to be like them!
But, I found the story moving at a slow pace, maybe that’s the case with all classics, that’s why I’m not too fond of them. But to me, this was a good read.
Persuasion still doesn’t top my list maybe because I liked Emma better.
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