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Easy Last Minute Gifts For Mom

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Been there and it doesn’t end well. Forgetting your mom’s birthday is one of the unforgivable sins that you can commit. Well, we’re here to rescue you.
Here’s a list of few things that you can gift your mother at the last minute.

1. Cake

Get her a cake that says’ World’s Best Mother’ or any such flattering line which you really mean. Luckily, if you have an hour or so then bake a cake yourself. She’d love it even if it is half-burnt.

2. Handmade Card

It’s completely okay to her if you’re not creative at all.
Just a small card with any drawings that you can make, will definitely make her happy. Write quotes or a poem for her. If you’re fond of writing then this is a great idea you can go along with.

3. A day off from the kitchen

If your mum is a homemaker then there is no other gift which would make her happier.
Take over the kitchen with your father/sibling or alone, if you can and cook a regular meal.

4. “10 Things I Love About You” Jar

Find a small jar, cover it with ribbons or any other decorative items that are handy and stuff it with things you love about your mom. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
This is a great idea for a gift and requires minimal effort as well.

5. Mugs

If she’s fond of drinking tea or coffee regularly, which most of our parents are, then this is a great option to go with and also very easily available.
If it is available with quotes about moms then that’s a good score!

6. Photo Frames

Nothing makes mothers as emotional as a cute family portrait. Run by your nearest store, buy a photo frame and insert a nice family picture. This is a lovely gesture which you can make use of for any occasion.

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