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7 Must Watch Hollywood Movies of 2017

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A lot of movies come and go and we don't even notice sometimes that we're missing out on a gem. These movies are precisely that. Some will make you laugh and some cry or some will make you sit on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. So without any further ado, add these movies to your bucket list and end the year with a bang.
1. Thor: Ragnarok

Starring Chris Hemsworth, the movies is so far one of the best works of Marvel. It has the right amount of action and humor. The brawls of Thor and Loki never get too old to watch. It is not very intense and more inclined towards the funny side. If you're looking for a movie to cheer you up on a gloomy day then this is the one.
2. Wonder Woman

Diana, Princess of the Amazons (Gal Gadot) finally finds out who she really is and helps the humans to fight evils greater than they have known. One who is a fan of fantasy fiction would like this movie very much. It is a good one time watch.
3. American Made

Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman tell Barry Seal’s story with such energy and panache. And what an unbelievable story it is. The kind you’d dismiss as too far-fetched if it didn’t come with that ‘based on true events’ tag. Cruise might be back in the aviator shades and soaring at breakneck speeds. 
4. Despicable Me 3

Can we ever get tired of watching Minions do what they do? NO! This movie makes us laugh a lot. When Gru and his badass family meets Dru, it lands them into another dangerous yet adventurous experience, while the Minions look for a new master. Like the first two parts, this is a light comedy too and leaves us wanting more of the cute banana-lovers.
5. Beauty and the Beast

Emma's modification of the character was subtle and perfect!
Dan Stevens played the Beast very well. The Beast's ballad Evermore to Belle will forever be my favourite. And if you really listen to it, you'll see the transition of a cold-hearted beast to one who longs and yearns for Belle but lets her go. 
Luke Evans was the perfect pick to play a narcissistic A-grade asshole who got what was coming. 
6. Okja

This movie hits you right in the heart. Young Mija, who's a caretaker of her gigantic friend Okja, in South Korea. But she decides to go on a rescue mission when Okja is captured by an evil conglomerate. The bond of Mija and Okja restores the faith in humanity and in the fact that how an animal can turn out to be even more faithful and loyal than a human being.

7. Spider-man: Homecoming

Another MCU creation that tickles our funnybones and makes us enjoy throughout. Spider-Man is famous for his antics and humor, Tom Holland has done justice to the role.
In this movie, he is mentored by Tony Stark and young Spide
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