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7 Summer styles for women

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As much as I miss the winter season, I have been waiting for summers to come so I can finally wear my shorts and tanks again!


 Here are a few ideas for summer clothes that are super comfy and chic.


1. Shorts+Shirts

This is my ALL TIME favorite. I love teaming up my checked shirt with a pair of denim shorts, ripped/rugged. You could also leave the shirt open and wear a tank top inside. It is a pretty cool look for the summers and a great way to show your toned calves after all.

2. Summer dresses

Us girls cannot have enough of florals, can we? From minis to maxis, one can wear a floral printed dress, or just a plain white one with a printed scarf and a hat, if needed for a casual meeting or to brunch!

3. Keepin’ it caz-

Pair up a striped oversize tee and tuck it in some cut off jean shorts for a complete casual summer outfit.

4. Work clothes-

Trade up your trousers for chiffon or boho pants for a more breezy and comfortable bottom wear. Tuck in a simple solid colored shirt and you’ll be work ready for Summer. A bright orange colored shift dress is perfect for keeping the Summer trend for work. Pick out Summer colors, like yellow, for your skirt and partner it up with a patterned top for a professional and stylish work outfit.

5. Dresses-

White is a color that’s super cool to the eyes and skin, it’s no question it’s one of the favorite colors people wear in the Summer. For a classy and dressy Summer outfit, just like the little black dress, find your very own Summer white dress. It’s an outfit you will never regret. Much like Spring outfits, you can also dress up floral in the summer. Just match a floral top with a Summer colored skirt, like forest green, for a beautiful and dressy Sunday outfit.

6. Jeans-

Ripped Jeans are a perfect alternative if you do not want to show off your legs during the Summer. Pair it up with a plain t-shirt or a crop top, and you’ll be Summer-ready and comfortable in your own zone and style. White pants are also a great trade because it’s color is cool in the eyes and will not attract heat even if it covers your entire leg.

7. Beach dresses-

one piece is always a cute summer swimwear if you are not one to show off your belly. A peplum shaped one piece is perfect for those who want to emphasize their curves. A boho dress is a perfect cover up for the beach. You can dress it up for a beach party or dress it down as a cover-up after a nice swim. A romper is also a great cover up to use when going to the beach. It’s a more stylish alternative to a dress and it’s shorter so it’s perfect to show your perfect tan skin!

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