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Amazing facts about dolphins

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Dolphins are the most delightful creatures of the sea and lovely as well. They are friendly, playful and just so adorable. But there’s more to them. Let us look at some facts that we probably didn’t know about dolphins.

1. Number of species

There have been 43 recognized species of dolphins! 38 are marine dolphins and the other five are river dolphins.

2. They lived on land too!

It has been researched that dolphins are “re-entrants” and actually lived on land before adapting to the water. When studying their fins, scientists have found that they are actually formed like legs and toes.

3. Dolphins have been around for quite a long time.

Images of dolphins have been found carved into the desert city of Petra, Jordan. Petra was established as early as 312 BC.

4. Wow that’s interesting!

Dolphins are the only animals give birth with the baby coming out tail first; the calf would drown if it was the other way.

5. Isn’t this a little ironic?

Just a tablespoon of water in a dolphin’s lung could drown it, while a human would drown after two tablespoons.

6. Who named it ‘blowhole’ and not ‘hose’?

The blowhole of a dolphin is actually an adapted nose which has moved to the top of its head. Everything the dolphin does must be interrupted by its need to breathe. Dolphins breathe consciously, not unconsciously as humans do. The conditions present and time at which it takes a breath may be a life or death decision. Special receptor cells in the brain tell it when to breathe. As a result of evolution, its nostrils slowly migrated from its nose (or rostrum) to the top of its melon (head), making it easier to breath when swimming or resting partly under water.

7. That’s just hilarious!

It has been recognized by scientists that dolphins give themselves names. They develop their own individual whistles and even after the tone of the whistle is changed the dolphins still recognize theirs and other dolphins’ names.

8. Note to self: Breathe.

Dolphins must tell themselves when to breathe; it’s not an automatic response like it is for humans.

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