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Temples & Religious Places Crops Offices & Industries Schools Colleges Festivals Places Around Transportation Facts Important Contacts Temples & Religious Places Teli ka Mandir Teli ka Mandir is located within the Gwalior Fort. It is dedicated to the god Vishnu, it has been dated to between the 8th and 11th centuries AD. It is both the loftiest and oldest surviving structure within the fort. Sun Temple The Surya Mandir or Sun Temple is one of the most breathtaking shrines as well as an architectural wonder that adorns the city of Gwalior. The temple is dedicated to the holy Sun God and was constructed in the year 1988 by the famous industrialist G.D. Birla. It is inspired by the Sun Temple

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OverviewCultureLanguageClimateOverview Gwalior - Another major city in Madhya Pradesh famous for it's forts and palaces and historic beauty. Culture Gwalior holds a special position in the Indian classical music, art and literature. Gwalior is a well known place of art, associated with historic as well as contemporary evidence. Gwalior is the mixture of two rich cultures Bundeli and Braj. Language Hindi is the mainly spoken language. Marathi is the second most famous language of the city, spoken by 20% of the population. There is a strong Marathi influence in Gwalior due to Maratha Rule over the centuries. Climate readMoreArgs[1] = {"type":"button","expm-title":"","button-width":"100px","button-height":"32px","animation-duration":"500","font-size":"14px","yrm-btn-hover-animate":"","yrm-btn-font-weight":"normal","yrm-animate-easings":"swing","moreName":"Read more","lessName":"Read less"}; yrmAddEvent(window,'load',function(){ var obj = new YrmClassic(); = 1; obj.init(); }); .yrm-cntent-1 { padding: 0px; } Gwalior Read more