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Temples & Religious Places Crops Offices & Industries Schools Colleges Festivals Places Around Transportation Facts Important Contacts Temples & eligious Places 1. Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple The main Deity of the temple is Sri Mahaganapathy (Ganesha). The main idol is installed in a seated posture with the right leg in a folded stance. The temple is situated in close proximity to the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple. Other Deities worshiped at the temple include Dharmasasta, Goddess Durga and Nagaraja. The temple sculptures include 32 different forms of Lord Ganesha. 2. Pazhaya Sreekanteswaram Temple This temple existed even in the 9th century AD. This temple is the original abode of the Lord of new Sreekanteswaram Mahadeva Temple. The new temple is situated just outside

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OverviewCultureLanguageClimateOverview It is the capital and the largest city of Kerala. The city is ranked among the best cities to live in India. The city is also ranked as the best governed city in India. Trivandrum was the anglicised name of the town so the government decided to reinstate the city’s original name Thiruvananthapuram. Culture readMoreArgs[1] = {"type":"button","expm-title":"","button-width":"100px","button-height":"32px","animation-duration":"500","font-size":"14px","yrm-btn-hover-animate":"","yrm-btn-font-weight":"normal","yrm-animate-easings":"swing","moreName":"Read more","lessName":"Read less"}; yrmAddEvent(window,'load',function(){ var obj = new YrmClassic(); = 1; obj.init(); }); .yrm-cntent-1 { padding: 0px; } The city has historically been a cultural hub in South India due to the active interest of the rulers of erstwhile Travancore in the development of arts, architecture and liberal customs.  As a testimony to this, renowned artists like Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, Irayimman Thampi Read more