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Temples & Religious Places Crops Offices & Industries Schools Colleges Festivals Places Around Transportation Facts Important Contacts Temples & Religious Places 1. Shri Siddharoodha Swamy Math The great saint was known for his simple living and high thinking. His Only property was Langota, a mud vessel and a ragged piece of cloth (ragati) Kowdi of swamy siddhrudha is of special significance and signified his simple living. He preached oneness of all religions and equality of all human beings. He never discriminated people on the basis of caste creed, color and gender He was a divine incarnation. 2. Chandramouleshwara Temple Chandramouleshwar Temple is very near Unkal circle and Unkal Lake. Chandramouleshwar is a 900-year-old temple from the Badami Chalukyan era. It

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OverviewCultureLanguageClimateOverview readMoreArgs[1] = {"type":"button","expm-title":"","button-width":"100px","button-height":"32px","animation-duration":"500","font-size":"14px","yrm-btn-hover-animate":"","yrm-btn-font-weight":"normal","yrm-animate-easings":"swing","moreName":"Read more","lessName":"Read less"}; yrmAddEvent(window,'load',function(){ var obj = new YrmClassic(); = 1; obj.init(); }); .yrm-cntent-1 { padding: 0px; } Hubballi (or Hubli) is the second largest city in Karnataka. It forms continuous urban area with the city of Dharwad. Hubballi-Dharwad is the largest conurbation in the state after capital Bangalore. Hubballi also houses the largest number of government offices outside Bengaluru. In 2016, Hubli-Dharwad was selected for solar city / green city master plans. Recently, Hubballi was selected for a smart city project. Read more Culture According to 2011 Census of India, 84% of the population are Hindu, 12.9% are Muslim, 1.9% are Christian, 0.7% are Jains, 0.2% are Buddhist, <0.1% are Sikhs, and remaining belong to Read more