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Historical Facts About Kashmir

As we all know how beautiful the valleys of Kashmir are, India, China and Pakistan have been fighting over it for years now. But, in the middle of this, lives of hundreds and thousands of innocents have been already claimed. How many more people should die to stop this war once and for all?   Let’s look at the lesser-known facts about Kashmir.      1. Bad kills The separatist violence has killed more than 47,000 people, which does not include people who have disappeared due to the conflict. Some human rights groups and nongovernmental organizations put the death toll at twice that amount.      2. Everyone wants it- The Line of Control separating Indian- and Pakistani-controlled parts of Kashmir is 435 miles (700

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Facts about the Universe

The Universe is endless and so are the facts that revolve around it. But we have gathered a few amazing ones for you to read and let your mind be boggled. 1. What a woof girl she was The first Earthling in space was Laika, a dog that was launched into space on the Soviet ship Sputnik 2 in 1957. After a week in space, the air in the capsule ran out and she died. After its orbit deteriorated, the craft left space and burned up, along with Laika’s body, as it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere. 2. I don’t wanna be the one to burst your bubble but.. When water boils on Earth, it creates thousands of little bubbles. However, in

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Amazing facts about dolphins

Dolphins are the most delightful creatures of the sea and lovely as well. They are friendly, playful and just so adorable. But there’s more to them. Let us look at some facts that we probably didn’t know about dolphins. 1. Number of species There have been 43 recognized species of dolphins! 38 are marine dolphins and the other five are river dolphins. 2. They lived on land too! It has been researched that dolphins are “re-entrants” and actually lived on land before adapting to the water. When studying their fins, scientists have found that they are actually formed like legs and toes. 3. Dolphins have been around for quite a long time. Images of dolphins have been found carved into

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